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SrcInden - BCX source code indentation program
SrcInden: Re-indents BCX source code to the style I prefer. Might work with other BASIC's as well. Latest update adds a GUI front end with menus and graphical browsing to the directory to be indented.

Caution: This program indents all .bas files in the specified directory. It re-names the source file to .bak and writes its output back to the .bas file. Second time it's run, the original is gone! Make backups before running this program!! You've been warned!!

EzIde - BCX GUI creation environment
EzIDE: Assists in creation of BCX GUI programs. The BAS files created can be translated and compiled and will look like they do in the IDE. They're intended to be the starting point for your creations. This version includes my SrcInden and AsmInden programs as tool menu options.

Caution: See WARNING above. Both indent functions work just like SrcInden.